Peak Management and Demand Response

As a whole-building Energy Management System, Ecovena controls have instantaneous and trending data for all of your building's energy consuming systems. This coordinated control can have a large influence on energy pricing by reducing peaks, reducing usage during periods of high pricing, and responding to utility Demand Response signals.

Firstly, by rotating usage of electrical heating, large ventilation fans, electrically-fired domestic hot water heaters, and other large consumers, energy usage is leveled, avoiding excessive energy usage spikes, which can save thousands of dollars in utility fees and pricing structures.

Secondly, by monitoring current pricing (where available by energy provider), Ecovena-managed buildings can prioritize energy usage, and delay non-time-sensitive tasks until pricing returns to normal. For example, a 10 minute spike in energy pricing can trigger a reduction in baseboard heating, as well as a temporary pause in a non-critical ventilation fan.

And thirdly, when available by provider, an Ecovena-managed building can be configured to receive and respond to demand-management signals, which makes owners eligible for rebates and cash credits. When local usage is high, Ecovena buildings can cooperate by temporarily reducing non-essential usage to ease grid stresses.

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